“Moral Purpose with Muscle”Portrait photo of Jo Fieldsend, Diirector of Teaching School

Welcome to Charter Teaching School Alliance (TSA). We are proud to be a cross phase Teaching School Alliance in Lincolnshire, through our partnerships with both primary and secondary schools, and organisations from across the county. Led by Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Horncastle, together we share knowledge, skills, expertise and experience to achieve a common goal of continuous educational improvement.

Charter TSA is driven by the notion of ‘moral purpose with muscle’. We believe that we are stronger together and, through our partnerships, can achieve more than any single school could in isolation. We are committed to creating a true partnership model of operation with each member contributing equally to the future development of the Alliance, as we believe every member has something to offer.

Charter TSA is proud to be able to support teaching, learning and leadership across all age ranges in Lincolnshire. We aim to bring together the broad range of expertise, experience, talent and capacity from all our partnership schools and strategic partners to provide excellent services in the region. The Alliance believes that engaging in an outward looking approach supports improved outcomes for all of our students; this is best achieved by working closely with schools and strategic partners providing services to meet the needs of schools in many different ways. Charter TSA is delighted to be working in partnership with other local Teaching School Alliances as part of Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together in an endeavour to provide a wide range of opportunities for our partners.

Charter TSA is committed to providing high quality support focused on school improvement that is affordable, sustainable, accessible and inclusive. The Alliance takes pride in its personalised approach. The priorities and CPD offer as outlined in this brochure has been needs-led and designed as a result of the many conversations with partners to create an offer that meets their requirements. This offer, and the work of Charter TSA will adapt throughout the year to reflect emerging needs and changing landscapes. We welcome new ideas and initiatives and are always eager to welcome new schools to the Alliance, and colleagues to our team as advisers or leaders of education.

Working together, we will drive forward our moral purpose and strive for excellence in all aspects of delivering education and support to students and colleagues across the Alliance. To ensure all young people have an outstanding education and all teachers are provided with outstanding professional development and leadership coaching.

I look forward to working with you.

Jo Fieldsend
Director of Teaching School