About us

There is no membership fee for joining Charter TSA; we value contribution and collaboration over financial gain. We are delighted to be working in partnership with other local teaching school alliances through Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together (LTT) as we believe that engaging in an outward looking approach to developing a self-improving school-led system supports improved outcomes for all our students.

About our CPD Programme

Charter TSA is committed to facilitating first-rate professional development opportunities for all school-based employees that make a positive impact on the quality of teaching and learning in schools. The CPD programme for school-based employees reflects identified areas of priority and expertise. The programme and course details are available to everyone at chartertsa.uk. New courses may be added after this offer is published and these will be available to view online.


The price for each course is identified within the course details on each page. Courses will run subject to a minimum number of attendees and places on popular courses will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Expertise Exchange

To encourage schools to contribute as well as receive support, and to enable schools with limited budgets to engage in CPD and training, Charter TSA has developed an exchange of expertise based on the issuing of twilight credits that can be used to pay for future CPD in return for CPD twilight session delivery.

The Expertise Exchange is an opportunity for schools to provide expert staff to deliver CPD and training for Charter TSA in return for financial payment, or the equivalent in twilight credits. The twilight credits can be used as payment on any CPD course that Charter TSA offers. The price for each CPD course is listed within the brochure and advertising materials, in both financial and twilight credit values.

Charter TSA would pay schools a standard rate of £175 or three twilight credits to deliver a 90 minute CPD twilight session. This is equivalent to 50% of the daily SLE rate of £350. This rate takes into account planning and delivery time.

For example, if a school provided an expert member of staff to deliver a course consisting of three twilight sessions. The school could choose to be paid £525 or to receive 9 twilight credits.

Twilight credits are only valid for the academic year in which they have been earned. If at the end of the academic year, schools have unspent twilight credits, Charter TSA would pay schools the equivalent monetary value.