Additional Opportunities for Cross Phase Collaboration

We are proud to be working with schools and colleagues that are committed to working collaboratively by giving and receiving support and expertise to maximise the positive impact on the lives of the greatest number of young people. In addition to the programmes and courses outlined, there are a number of informal opportunities that Charter TSA would be happy to arrange and facilitate.

KS2 and KS3 Teacher Experience Visits

These visits will provide an opportunity for primary and secondary school teachers to visit and experience the different phases of education.

Classroom Experience Visits

The use of secondary school facilities and/or expertise can be arranged for students from Years 3 to 6. Classroom experience visits are available in science, art, technology, media, PE and drama.

Year 7 Early Evaluation Visits

Primary headteachers and Year 6 teachers are invited into the secondary school before October half term to visit students in their lessons to see if their work reflects growth or shows any deterioration. Primary colleagues may be best placed to pick up any evidence of a dip in progress which can then be addressed.

Schemes of Work Exchange

Schemes of work exchange is available between schools and between phases. Using our local intelligence Charter TSA can signpost and provide contact to banks of excellent resources.

Joint Trips, Enrichment Activities and Educational Projects

There are opportunities for cross school and cross phase collaboration on trips, enrichment activities and educational projects.

Cross Phases Network Meetings

Informal meetings for all primary and secondary colleagues.

At Charter TSA we are committed to providing support that caters specifically to your needs, to discuss the many options of bespoke support available please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01507 522465 or by email at