The Leaders for the Future Programme

Middle leaders have an essential role in translating a school vision into practice and are often described as the ‘engine room’ of school improvement. Outstanding schools have high quality middle leaders and seek to continuously develop and build these individuals into high performing teams. The focus of the Charter TSA Middle Leadership Programme is on developing leadership skills, knowledge and mind-sets, which can be used immediately to increase their impact beyond their own classroom through influencing others and working on wider projects.

Who is it for?

This programme is aimed at teachers with leadership potential and existing middle leaders across both primary and secondary schools.

What are the benefits?

This course will increase the confidence and motivation of both emerging and existing middle leaders. They will develop strategic thinking skills and increase self-awareness around leadership styles and alternative approaches.

The course will inspire delegates to set personal targets and to develop a clear leadership vision.

The sessions will focus on ‘Leading Yourself’ (how you communicate and are perceived by others), ‘Leading for Impact’ (explaining a personal vision and considering its impact upon the individual, team and school). ‘Leading and Influencing Others’ (influencing styles to achieve success at implementing projects or whole school initiatives). ‘Leading Yourself for the Long Term’ (exploring personal choices for career development) and ‘Coaching and Mentoring’ (exploring different approaches that can be used when supporting a colleague or leading a team).

An additional benefit would be to gain the range and depth of professional experience which will help to secure a place on a future NPQSL programme.

Dates, Time and Venue:

This course consists of 4 sessions which will take place as follows:

Session 1 – w/c 15/10/18
Session 2 – w/c 10/12/18
Session 3 – w/c 11/03/19
Session 4 – w/c 20/05/19

All sessions will take place from 4.15pm to 6pm at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Horncastle, LN9 5AD


£60 per session or 4 twilight credits
*Attendees must attend all four sessions