Charter TSA School Direct Programme

Do you want to:

  • Inspire young people to fulfil their potential – create those penny dropping moments when a young person just ‘gets it’?
  • Change a young person’s life for the better – make the frightened, confident. The uninterested, ambitious. And the gifted……brilliant?
  • Go home each day knowing you’ve made a difference. See young people progress day-to-day thanks to you?

If the answer is yes, you can achieve this through the Charter TSA School Direct Programme. We are seeking people who have the potential to become outstanding teachers and committed to enhancing the lives and education of children and young people across Lincolnshire.

  • What is School Direct?

    School Direct is a school-led training course which gives trainee teachers the chance to learn ‘on the job’ in a school and work as part of the teaching team from day one, learning from a team of experienced practitioners dedicated to supporting Initial Teacher Training (ITT).

    School Direct is a partnership between a ‘lead school’ other schools and an accredited ITT provider.

    There are 2 School Direct Routes:

    School Direct Tuition Route

    This route is funded by tuition fees paid by the trainee, (either directly or with a Student Loan Company). The fees are £9250.

    School Direct Salaried Route

    This route is employment based where trainees who have at least 3 years’ work experience (preferably in a school) are employed as unqualified teachers by a school. Trainees on this route do not have to pay tuition fees. Providing they meet the entry requirements, this is an ideal route for graduates already employed as teaching assistants or unqualified teachers who are aspiring to become qualified teachers.

  • Why train with us?

    Charter TSA is an alliance of schools, and other partners, who are working together to train the next generation of outstanding teachers. The School Direct teacher training route is led by Charter TSA, working in partnership with local schools and Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU).

    The School Direct teacher training programme with Charter TSA is an excellent opportunity for graduates and career changers to join the teaching profession. School Direct is a route into teaching that places school-led training at the heart of the experience.

    The Charter TSA programme is primary and secondary age focused with a 3-11 and 11-18 pathway. On our School Direct teacher training programme, you’ll be given in-depth experience in the classroom. You will be based in one of the schools in the partnership and you’ll also be taught by BGU, attending lectures and seminars to bolster your hands-on experience with theories. In addition, away from the classroom, you’ll receive practical training sessions from SLEs, experienced teachers and the team at Charter TSA.

    We recommend that you train to teach with Charter TSA as we provide opportunities for varied placements in great schools, we have a strong partnership with BGU, a university recognised for teaching excellence and we offer a wide range of experts to provide practical help and support.

  • What is involved?

    The course begins in September and lasts for one academic year with a trainee’s time being divided between two school based placements (approximately 80%) and structured training sessions (approximately 20%) which will take place at BGU.

    The teaching commitment will build up over the year and throughout the training year.

    For further information about BGU, including course structures, please click on the following link:


    You will spend a significant part of the year in partner schools and other educational settings gaining rich and varied experiences, during this time you will work with the support of a school mentor to evidence your progress towards meeting the standards for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Working with peers, tutors and school-based colleagues, you will develop your abilities to promote effective learning among students. You will also have opportunities to gain experience of the key stages before and after the ones in which you will qualify.

  • How to Apply

    The 2021 UCAS Teacher Training Cycle is open.

    You can apply for Our School Direct Programmes via the UCAS Portal by searching for Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle as the training provider here: UCAS Portal

    Our Training Provider code is 2KK

    Course Codes:


    • Primary (age range 3-7) (3DRY)
    • Primary (age range 5-11) (3DRZ)

    Secondary subjects:

    • Art and Design (3CB5)
    • Business Studies (G610)
    • Design and Technology (3CB4)
    • Drama (3CB6)
    • English (3F9N)
    • Geography (3FGT)
    • History (3FGV)
    • Mathematics (3CB8)
    • Modern Languages (French, Spanish or German) (3CB2)
    • Music (3CB3)
    • Science (all areas) (3CB7)
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